, sign, path=None, force_update=False, update_path=True, verbose=None)[source][source]

Get path to local copy of given dataset URL. Deprecated

This is a low-level function useful for getting a local copy of a remote dataset. It is deprecated in favor of data_dl.

  • url (str) – Path to remote location of data

  • sign (str) – Signifier of dataset

  • path (None | str) – Location of where to look for the data storing location. If None, the environment variable or config parameter MNE_DATASETS_(signifier)_PATH is used. If it doesn’t exist, the “~/mne_data” directory is used. If the dataset is not found under the given path, the data will be automatically downloaded to the specified folder.

  • force_update (bool) – Force update of the dataset even if a local copy exists.

  • update_path (bool | None, **Deprecated**) – Unused, kept for compatibility purpose.

  • verbose (bool, str, int, or None) – If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose()).


path – Local path to the given data file. This path is contained inside a list of length one, for compatibility.

Return type

list of str