class moabb.datasets.BNCI2015003[source][source]

BNCI 2015-003 P300 dataset.

Dataset from [1].

Dataset description

This dataset contains recordings from 10 subjects performing a visual P300 task for spelling. Results were published in [1]. Sampling frequency was 256 Hz and there were 8 electrodes (‘Fz’, ‘Cz’, ‘P3’, ‘Pz’, ‘P4’, ‘PO7’, ‘Oz’, ‘PO8’) which were referenced to the right earlobe. Each subject participated in only one session. For more information, see [1].



C. Guger, S. Daban, E. Sellers, C. Holzner, G. Krausz, R. Carabalona, F. Gramatica, and G. Edlinger (2009). How many people are able to control a P300-based brain-computer interface (BCI)?. Neuroscience Letters, vol. 462, pp. 94–98.


data_path(subject[, path, force_update, …])

Get path to local copy of a subject data.

download([subject_list, path, force_update, …])

Download all data from the dataset.


Return the data correspoonding to a list of subjects.